KAMPALA CENTRAL Member of Parliament Muhammad Nsereko has cautioned the forces of change that they should underestimate president Yoweri Museveni at their own risk.

Nsereko said yesterday’s numbers at the National Patriotic celebrations were proof that Museveni is still popular and it won’t be easy to push him out.
He also advised that important lessons should be picked from the recent HOIMA and Kabong by-elections.

Nsereko wrote:
“Deaar comrades, the Hoima, kabong elections and Kololo patriotism mobilization stunt should be a lesson to many in the struggle that with all the weak points of your competitors. Never underestimate their tactics meant to change public opinion and accomplish their vision.

Concentration on destruction of allies only hands your enemies an early victory. It’s a wrong tactic and will only pay off with disappointment , demoralization and complete destruction.


Hoima was a big lesson that if people work together with respect then certainly victory is possible and assured.

Kabong was a reminder that the power of money and organization is also key to success.

Karamoja and Sebei subregions with over 1.5 million voters now are normally ignored and surrendered to the NRM. If the incumbent strategically wins with 90 percent due to lack of competition, then that alone will account for over 15 percent of the vote if the total turn up remains as was before.



Kololo should remind many that, politics is based on perception and organization.

That NRM doesn’t only rely on orthodox structural politics but also auxiliary structures to surprise its competitors. This is typical of guerrilla movements. They are on constant move and mutation.

I will soon try to make contact with respect to all senior leaders in this struggle to lay a respectful and strategically up right ground to enable us in the coming 14 months to build an idea based coalition meant to dislodge the establishment.

Use of respectful engagement and constructive persuasion shall be key. This coalition shall be broad based including members of all parties whose aim is to see change as a reality.”


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