ALL IS not well at record label, Swangz Avenue.

Word reaching our desk indicates the label owners are in total disagreement on how to handle their musician, Winnie Nwagi.




An insider tells us that the two directors- Benin Mugumbya and Julius Kyazze- have parrarel views on how to handle the highly indisciplined Nwagi.
While they both agree she is supremely talented and adds a lot to their musical CV and bank balance, they disagree on how to handle her mannerisms.

The Mataala singer has been in the news for the wrong reasons after beating her maid.

Prior to that she had also accused of various crimes.
A section of Swangz management want her

contract terminated to save face, while another group doesn’t want to lose the money she earns them.
It’s a dilemma.

And this is not the first time the relationship between the singer and her management is breaking down.
In August, it was reported that the bosses were ready to count their losses and let the singer walk.

It was said that Nwagi was so stressed and wanted to quit the label and struggle on her own, after her bosses failed to organize her concert since she joined the label in 2014.
Sources even claimed the singer was talking to her bosses through an emissary.

Thankfully the two camps managed to work out their differences.

However, the Nwagi negative vibe all over the news has again woken the split demons.

And what annoys the bosses more is that Nwagi is unrepentant and has been mocking, abusing fans on Facebook.

Watch this space!


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