LEGISLATOR ROBERT Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has blamed government for the impeachment of the Kyambogo University guild preseident, Jonathan Tundulu.


The KYU leader was last evening, October 2, impeached after what his cabinet termed as lack of leadership skills and mismanaging the institution.

At least 74 people voted in favour of the impeachment, only four voted our against while 10 abstained from the process.

The ‘House’ voted to forcefully remove Tundulu from office after he dropped his vice president Ninsiima Helnic who spearheaded the impeachment process.
A source noted that Tundulu is accused of lack of leadership skills, mismanagement, selfish interest and very poor personal decisions which cabinet said have greatly degraded and severely damaged the relationship between the university management, the student leadership and the students’ body.

Last week, Tundulu sacked the entire executive and accused them of failure to provide accountabilities, a directive that was later reversed by University management.
Tundulu, a People Power supporter who has been Kyambogo guild president since March this year, was due to leave power next year.
His tenure has been marred with unjustified strikes and multiple charges of graft that have undermined the image and legitimacy of the People Power.

The chaotic crisis in past days in Kyambogo has further angered his cabinet ministers who became increasingly impatient with his dictatorial and selfish procedures.
Tundulu won a bitterly fought election in March to become the Guild Precidency.

His impeachment means that Kyambogo will have a caretaker government

headed by the Dean of Students.
According to the Guild Constitution, an election should be held after 28 days of the impeachment of the sitting president.
However, a source says, Tundulu will push for a referendum to see him get at least 2/3rds of majority votes from the students fraternity to maintain his position.
Speaking about the impeachment, People Power activist Bobi Wine blamed NRM and the government claiming students were intimidated into impeaching their leader.

He wrote: “I have been following the trials and tribulations visited on several Guild Presidents who won under People Power.

In several cases, these are being orchestrated by some elements within the security agencies. After beating the regime in so many guild elections, they resorted to intimidating and harassing these comrades. Now they are trying to remove them from office! Indeed, yesterday we witnessed the state machinated unseating of the People Power Guild President of Kyambogo University H.E. Tundulu Jonathan.
All evidence, including audio recordings show that the GRCs and Guild Ministers were paid to carry out this impeachment. The regime having impoverished the people, believes in using money to buy them into doing anything.

This must stop, this shall stop. It is also very sad to see young people being used to retain a 33 year old tired dictatorship just for little tokens. I want to call upon the young generation not to be led into temptations by their tormenters. I thank the students of Kyambogo University who have stood and continue to stand by their Guild President. We are with you.”


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