A MAN believed to be a former rebel with the deadly Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) has threatened to harm musician Bebe Cool’s mom, if her son doesn’t denounce his support for President Yoweri Museveni and NRM.


A fella- only identified as Kojja Omugezi(pictured above) on Facebook- has been threatening Bebe Cool online and on his phone, claiming he has the singer’s mom’s address.
Bebe’s mom lives in Boston USA.

“I know your mom’s address, I will do something,” the thug, believed to be a former rebel.

But Bebe Cool is adamant and insists he is not



“Threatening me won’t work. My mother is over 70, and she has seen it all.
You causing harm to her won’t make me support your ideas/cause.

Ugandas opposition supporters think they will threaten their way to leadership, wish you luck.

This man is an ex ADF rebel in UGANDA who got asylum in Ireland. He’s now sending threats to a Ugandan mother.

You are so weak to a level that you now resorting to threatening women and children, fine go on with your mission,” Bebe said, adding that he will continue to support NRM and Museveni.


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