AMERICA based Ugandan socialite Sheila Don Zella has defended her body figure insisting SHE’S OK for a mother of twins, asking fans not to compare her with the much more curvy Zari Hassan.

First things first, Don Zella is a mother of three including twins, while Zari has five kids, but no twins among them.

That aside, bikini photos of both socialites have been making the rounds on social media with many fans ridiculing Don Zella and telling her to emulate

the curvaceous Zari.
This clearly has not gone down well with her (Zella).
The US based masseuse has said her body is the way it is because of the twins she carried for nine months.
Zella said carrying two babies in the womb cannot be compared to carrying one, and asked her followers to understand.

However some fans were having non of it, insisting that Zari has more children and is much older but curvier.
“I don’t expect you to love me compliment me or cheer for me because I’m doing all that for myself and I compliment myself,” she added.


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