Congolese Rumba music king, Koffi Olomide is seeking legal redress from the country’s Prosecution office protesting the manner in which he was arrested, and humiliated on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, agents of the National Committee of Censorship and Shows scaled over the perimeter wall fence of his residence, others through the gate and plucked out the singer from his house.
The artist had refused to respond to repeated summons from the censorship commission and shows.
The censorship court has banned the broadcast of eight of Koffi Olomide’s songs for “breach of good morals”, without publicly clarifying the disputed content.
Tony Mwaba, his lawyer has since denounced the arrest saying, “The artist was humiliated by some agents who invaded his villa. Some even climbed the walls to apprehend him with brutality and rare cruelty.”

At the request of his client, Koffi Olomide’s lawyer filed a complaint on

Thursday to the public prosecutor’s office at the Court of Cassation against the agents of the order who carried out the brutal arrest.
Koffi’s arrest was also filmed on camera, “in order to humiliate him,” according to the lawyer.
Mwaba argues that this arrest violated the principles of the presumption of innocence; “arresting Koffi in inhumane conditions filming him and swaying the images on social networks in an attempt to humiliate him. That’s why we filed this complaint.”

One of the controversial and censored songs, ‘La femme de quelqu’un’(The wife of someone). This song sung with the French rapper Singuila and the video clip that is associated with him, tells the story of a singer jealous to see his ex-wife marry a senior politician.
Many speculate in Kinshasa about the real characters that inspired this song to Koffi. The artist denounces an “abuse of power” and remains convinced that the commission of censorship “is not right to exist in a democratic state.


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