Mc Kats and Fille

Mc Kats and Fille


By Our Reporter

When singer Fille and baby daddy, Edwin Katamba commonly known as MC Kats broke up, everything fell apart. The singer hired a new management after years of thriving under her baby daddy.


Kats signed two new artists Shammy K and Heyz Ug as a replacement. It was not so long that rumors started to spread that Kats was hooking up with Shammy to forget Fille.

Shammy has enjoyed a considerable rise to fame with a couple of her songs topping charts all thanks to Kats’ commendable managerial skills.

To the surprise of many, MC Kats has taken over as Fille’s PR team and it looks like he may resume as her manager soon.

In an interview, he was asked why he decided to abandoned his alleged new lover to

run back to Fille.

“We fought to bring Mama Abby (Fille). I did not give birth to Shammy K. I don’t even know her. She was just a girl I found and offered to help because she was a friend to a friend. This year alone, I think I’ve invested close to 20 million in her and 15M in Heizy.

“So what of Fille? Why wouldn’t I do everything for her or get back to her?” Kats responded.

Mc Kats with one of his side kicks after singer Fille

Mc Kats with one of his side kicks after singer Fille

He in fact hired himself to promote Fille’s upcoming concert in 2020 and says it will be one of the best. The concert will be at Pearl Of Africa Hotel since he recently signed a contract with them.


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