Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo

By Our Reporter
STAR EDDY Kenzo has revealed he has gone through ridicule, mockery following his split with squeeze Rema Namakula.
Some time back, it emerged Rema had left Kenzo and was set to introduce another man.
This story in fact dominated local media with fans taking sides.
Kenzo has finally opened up and revealed what he has gone through ever since the news broke.
The Sitya Loss singer revealed that while some people have been supportive of him, many have ridiculed him.

“The nicest people are empathetic. They put themselves in everyone’s shoes. They know how bad it feels  to be mocked at, ridiculed and made fun of. They understand that life has its moments. They try to help people overcome their struggles and spread kindness in their path.‬  Enough respect,” the musician wrote.

Rema is set to introduce a one Dr. Hamza Sebunya in November.
Buganda queen Sylvia Nagginda is expected to attend.

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