RAPPER GRAVITY Omutujju has jumped to the defence of local musician Ronald Mayinja and praised him for his bravery.



He has also described Bebe Cool and Catherine Kusasira as frauds, who only sing President Yoweri Museveni praises for cash.

“What Mayinja did was 100% right. Only stupid people are the ones who will get annoyed for what he did,” Gravity said while appearing on NBS Television.
He further revealed that if he got a chance, he too would tell the president about the plight of the Ugandan masses, insisting problems can only be solved if

leaders are made aware of them.

He added: “Actually even if it was me, I would sing the same song. President Museveni needs people who are open to him not these ones who just want free money from him and don’t tell him what’s on ground.

I pray to God that I also meet him one day, I will tell him the truth that bizeemu. In ghettos youth are crying, no jobs, money has lost value, people are killing and kidnapping innocent people.
The likes of Catherine Kusasira and Bebe Cool can’t be open to the President all they want to to fraud him without telling him what’s on ground.”


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