MUSICIAN A PASS has said he is thinking about quitting the local music scene because it’s crowded with fake music.




And he insists he is too talented to stand the mediocrity. The Chupa ku Chupa singer took to Facebook to vent his frustrations, revealing he was thinking about relocating to United Kingdom, or The United States and start afresh.

“Thinking about retiring my music career in Uganda and start off somewhere else as a new artist, maybe in the UK or America.

Ugandans are not ready for good music, they want jokes, and people who jump up and down on stage, not musicians with art and lyrical skills.
I am diluting my talent a lot to fit it and it’s not worth the hustle,” the singer said.

However he thanked the few

people who appreciate good vibes.
He added: “I know some of you really enjoy the vibes and I appreciate your support, but something is not right.

Music is now more about beats than the message and that is sick to experience because what is music without the message!!!! This is crazy stuff. Something is wrong with my country and I don’t think I can change it as one person.

I care a lot for this music and it hurts to see the direction it’s taking.
The music you listen to is good for 2 weeks or 2 months and you think we are not in trouble?

This is so dangerous for the music industry as a whole but I guess people just came in for the money and after they will go but this industry is going to fall as you take it for a joke.”


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