RENOWNED CITY pastor, Bishop David Livingston Kiganda has survived death after he was involved in a car accident.





The founder and lead pastor of Christianity Focus Centre located jn Mengo Kisenyi survived the terrible accident on his way to Luwero to preach this evenning.

Kiganda is one of the most celebrated ‘men of God’s in Uganda.
According to eyewitnesses, the pastor could have lost his life had it not been for the power full vehicle, a Toyota

Lexus V8.

Now reports, still unconfirmed, indicate witchcraft could be involved. It’s said lately, the pastor has been in battles with some people over property.
There is a theory they could have wanted to take him out. This is still a rumor.
This is not the first time Kiganda has been cited in scandals.

In October 2006, a domestic row erupted in his home when his wife, Hadijja Nasejje, allegedly cheated on him with a man selling chapattis.

The couple seperated and his flock found him a partner and he remarried.


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