A UGANDAN author has revealed Ugandan musicians and celebrities who actively participate in devil worshipping and sorcery.


Erika and husband Bamboo

Erika Mukisa, author of ‘A Story of Hell, Witchcraft and Family: Erika Part One, Seven Years in Hell’ made the starling revelations in an interview with a local Television station, saying she at one point had the power to make people get out of their sleep (unconsciously) and dig in her farmland.

However it’s her revellations of musicians and other top A listers that will shock the nation.

“It’s evident in their song titles that these guys are into devil worshipping. Names like Mazzi Mawanvu, Balogo, Katupakase carry a message you ordinary people will not see. But someone like me who has been there knows,” Erika reveals.

The three mentioned names were composed by Bobi Wine, Red Banton and Jose Chameleone.

And this stunning revelation comes just days after another star, Bebe Cool, was spotted wearing an ‘illuminati’ ring.
American action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger (pictured below)has also been spotted donning it.



Erika further claimed that some of the high profile deaths in the Uganda celebrity world were the devil’s calling.
Moze Radio and Ivan Ssemwanga’s mysterious deaths have been mentioned.



Speaking on TV, Erika said she joined the evil cult at a tender age.

“I started at the age 8. As i said in the beginning, a sorcerer is more powerful than a witch-doctor. They can even hold rain in an area. A sorcerer can make you dig in their farm when you think yo sleeping. They have ability to do strange things so they are more deadly than witch-doctors,” Erika said in the chilling revelation.

In the book, she gives a detailed account of how she was initiated into sorcery by

her paternal grandmother at the tender age eight years.

Bobi wine  at his one love beach

Bobi wine at his one love beach

Erika writes in the book that for the next seven years, she practiced witchcraft alongside her grandmother. Eric finally met her salvation in February 2009 when she converted to a devout Christian.

She also recalls instances when her grandmother would go to graveyards and speak to spirits of the dead and after a series of cultic rituals, she (Mukisa) had powers to talk to them as well.

Erika is married to Kenyan musician, Bamboo.

Speaking about his wife in 2016, Bamboo narrated how she(Erika) was swallowed by a fish at the source of River Nile and taken to Satan’s kingdom entrance where she was told she would be a slave forever, but was delivered seven years later.

“So the Lord sent me to Uganda where I met this beautiful evangelist Erika who is now my fiancée… She wrote a book with her uncle, Evangelist Patrick Wandera about her life.

Her grandmother was a witch, so Erika found herself dedicated to Satan at a very tender age. She speaks about how Jesus rescued her from hell and how she got born again.

Chameleone of Uganda initiated her and took her to the source of the Nile by force. He got into a boat with her and his assistant who was steering the boat. Chameleone then dropped two eggs into the water, recited an incantation and a whirlwind came with a fish big enough to fit 30 or so people came and opened its mouth. (Such creatures exist, study the book of Jonah) Chameleone jumped in with Erika completely terrified at what was happening to her, the huge fish swallowed them up and took them down to the entrance of Satan’s kingdom,” wrote Bamboo.

He went on narrate how Erika found herself at the feet of Satan describing him as white faced with dog’s teeth, two horns and long claws.


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