ENTEBBE EXPRESS MURDER! An act of revenge by a bitter husband, or deal gone wrong?

Merina Kamukazi and Mark Rugenza

By Ojok Okello
The way this case is developing, one could say with confidence that it is only a matter of time before Mark Rugenza, the husband of the late Marina Tumukunde Kamukazi, is arrested. If I were him, i would be making my ALIBI more convincing and also seeking for a good Lawyer.
According to reports, ”It is said that his wife,Marina Tumukunde Kamukazi was on her way out of the country, but it was not yet clear where exactly she was heading to. When contacted, the Civil Aviation Authority public affairs manager, Vianney Luggya, said he could not readily tell where Tumukunde was going, adding that it requires one to at least know the airline she had booked to travel with”
So one can assume that the wife was doing a RUNNER from her husband with a possible LOVER Mr Nteireho! That would explain why the pair were both TARGETED and shot dead while CRUCIALLY NO ONE ELSE was injured even though one of the bullets that killed Mr Nteireho was fired from outside the car. It is believed, a THIRD person, possibly the DRIVER, was also in the vehicle who was left UNHARMED!
Mark Rugenza, seems to CONFIRM problems in his MARRIAGE when he admits that he did not expected his wife in Kampala.
In an interview with the Sunday Vision, Rugenza noted that he travelled with the wife from Kampala to Mbarara on Tuesday. “I then travelled back to Kampala on Wednesday leaving her at home in Mbarara. But I am now getting to learn that as soon as I left, she teamed up with friends and travelled to Kampala without my knowledge,” Rugenza, the owner of Desert-bar in Mbarara and Gabiro Lounge in Bugolobi said.
This is one murder enquiry that will be solved in days!

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