RADIO STAR Isaac Katende aka Kasuku has told musician Eddie Kenzo to ‘ take heart’ following his dumping.
Female star Rema Namakula ended her five year relationship with Kenzo, announcing her engagement to another man.
She has also set a date for their introduction.
Speaking to Xclusive UG, outspoken Kasuku admitted that he felt sympathy for Kenzo, despite their public differences.

“I cant be happy when a woman dumps a man. I’m a man and I can feel Kenzo’s pain. I feel for him,” Kasuku told us.

He, however, added that Rema had a right to make choices in her life.

He added: “I’ts Rema’s life, let her do as she pleases.”
Kenzo and Kasuku have been enemies for sometime now.

In 2014 Kenzo attacked Kasuku and assaulted him

during a press conference.

It all started when Kasuku made some allegations that were not taken in good faith by the singer who yanked him to  his feet and sent him a couple of jabs before he stormed out of the venue.

This all happened at a press conference that was organised by Kenzo at a Centenary Park.

Kenzo had called the press to announce preparations for a music concert and started by scolding the media and journalists for writing negative news about artistes hence suffocating their chances to shine on the international stage.

“If you want us to represent you worldwide, why don’t you stop the negativity?” Kenzo said, adding:” The press people have always written about me not knowing English but have moved to over 20 countries overseas representing Uganda, where are the artistes who know English? They have also reported about me being gay which is not true,” Kenzo fumed before he attacked Kasuku.


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