Remah & Lover Tshirts that are out on sale

Remah & Lover Tshirts that are out on sale


By Our Reporter


T-SHIRTS WITH a photo of musician Rema Namakula and her fiance, Dr. Hamza Sebunya have gone on sale.
The tees are on the market for shs30, 000 on Nasser Road. The wear comes on the market just hours after it emerged Rema and the doc’s relationship became public.


  • Her introduction ceremony will take place at her parents’ home in Nabbingo

Last year, talented Rema aimed a dig at Kenzo in her single, Siri Muyembe.
In the song, she sang about how someone she was in love with was not reciprocating the love.
“I’m not a mango that I’m going to ripen, neither am I a paw paw. If you are not seeing my worth, if you are not taking good care of me, others will take me. Then you will realise that you were actually the one in wrong,” Rema lyricized in the song.
She goes on: “I decided to stay because

of love. Wherever I pass, I leave men in want of me. I don’t entertain them. But you’re sleeping. Wake up. Don’t cry for me when I am taken.
I have failed to keep with your ways, I am tired of it. Don’t leave me in a sea of temptation, it might tempt me and I go too far.”

On November 1, 2019, she (KENZO) will introduce to her a family, a man who appreciates her worth and is ready to take care of her; the one who was awake while Eddy Kenzo was asleep.
According to an invitation card circulating on social media, her introduction ceremony will take place at her parents’ home in Nabbingo, Butaka in Wakiso District at 11:00am.
“The family of the late Mukiibi Ssemakula and the late Hamidah Nabbosa of Nyendo Masaka, with great please, invite **** to the introduction of their daughter Rehema Namakula, due November 1, 2019,” the card reads.
Social media is also awash with photos of Rema and her fiancé. It is rumoured that the couple did their Nikah about six months ago. Nikah in Islam is a contract of marriage.
Hamza is a doctor at Mulago Hospital.


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