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REMA NAMAKULA has finally left her baby daddy Eddie Kenzo. And we all knew this was coming at one point.

Today, Uganda woke up to the news the music star was set to introduce a one Hamza Sebunya, a medical doctor.

Remah Namakula

Remah Namakula

Rema has been home in the cold.
And scheming Hamza took advantage to bombard Rema with love messages and flowers.

Hamza is said to be a medical entrepreneur who owns a medical laboratory distribution equipment company and shop at Titanic Plaza on Kampala Road.

He made a secret visit to Rema’s parents in an Islamic function known as nikka.
Ever since she hit the celebrity world as a bidding singer, Rema has been linked to a string of men including her mentor Bebe Cool.
Rema started her music career under the guidance

of Bebe Cool. She was a member of Bebe’s Gagamel Band.

However she quit after starting to date another musician Eddie Kenzo. The two have an eight year old daughter, Aamal Musuza.

Apart from Kenzo, Rema has also been linked to other musicians, notably Chris Evans Kaweesi and Matthias Walukagga.
Her said romance with Chris Evans came about after she did a collaboration song- Linda- with him.

Many believe their said romance was stage managed to promote the single. It became a major hit in Uganda.
She is said to have had a fling with Walukagga at one time, something that did not go well with Kenzo. Walukagga is said to have even gifted her a laptop at one point.
Other men in her life include; Peter Sematimba, Jamil Ssetongo.
The Sematimba/Rema ‘romance’ was talked about but it did not pick momentum.
For Jamil, their relationship is well documented. In fact, it was rumored that the two were planning on making it official.


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