AS THE day to fly to Dubai came closer, the pressure from this CEO of the said company started to pile a lot of pressure on me.

Graphic impression


In his words, I was better off admitting to his sex demands or I forget my travel.

It seems though, he had sensed some desperacy in me.

He heard my story and knew how badly I wanted to leave Uganda.

To imagine that a man who knew that much about me, and yet still wanted to take further advantage of me was rather pathetic.

How inhuman would someone be?



Horror befalls

Finally, he got his chance.

He called me to his house and claimed I go pick my passport with visa, since I would need it for my travel.

That day, just about 2 days to the day of travel, I visited his apartment in Nalya, a well furnished apartment with a very nice compound.

As I walked in, I wondered how many more girls had visited his apartment, and how many like me he had taken advantage of, all in the guise of helping them work abroad.

Something in me had changed. I no longer felt human.

As just like I had expected, he indeed started putting his filthy hands onto me. As he got downwards to my Kisenyi swamp, he could not help but feel a terrible smell from there.

I had intentionally spent 2 days without washing it, so that the day he opens my skirt, the bad smell would automatically chase him away.

Indeed, this worked.

He threw my passport at me and begged me to quickly leave his house.

I picked my passport, confirmed its mine, and walked out. It did not matter that I had no transport.

I was just happy my plan had worked.

On the d-day, I got a neighbor

to drop me at the airport, and I was ready to go.

I had no idea what job I would do in Dubai. It didn’t even matter if I died there. I just wanted to land in Dubai, get picked by my said employees and get to work.

All went well, I arrived in Dubai in the morning at around 10am. I got picked by a mean looking Arab man who quickly directed me to a waiting van.

You know these vans like the ones that used to arrest Besigye during walk to work. My heart skipped!

Was I going to be killed, or this was some gang ready to take my body organs.

The man was so mean that he never said hi. He never greeted and he never even tried to confirm if I was indeed the person he was picking.

He never even asked for anything besides getting my passport, putting in his pocket and ordering/commanding me to enter the back of the black tinted van.

Inside the van, I met two other African girls. As we tried to talk, he ordered us to remain silent from his passenger seat. The two girls looked very frightened which got me so frightened as well.

We drove for like 1 hour when he stopped and asked us to hand over everything we had, especially our phones. Remember he had our passports.

Then he drove for another 2 hours. The more he drove, the more it got hot inside the van, prolly because Dubai is a desert.

Suddenly, we stopped at something that looked like a warehouse where we were told we were to be subjected to a healthy examination which included us removing all our clothes and remaining completely naked.

Inside the warehouse looked like a torture chamber I had seen in Vietnam movies.

I had no idea that real trouble was just starting.

To be continued in Part 3…

As narrated to Jeanette Niwabine


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