State Minister for Privatisation and Investment Hon Evelyn Anite has described the latest petition filed to the IGG against her as forged work of the mafia.

Minister Evelyn Anite

Minister Evelyn Anite

And the she has advised those attaching various prime properties to her to seek clarity from the Ministry of Lands.

So far two petitions have been filed against Ms Anite in the office of the Inspectorate of Government for purchasing many properties after she allegedly received $8 million as a bribe.
The author of the second petition identified as Taban Ambrozio, a concerned citizen, alleges that consequently, in the same period starting with November 2017 Hon. Anite Evelyn purchased various highly priced assets that included the following;

1. A commercial building opposite UNEB offices formerly belonging to Balam Barugahara at an exorbitant amount of USD 600,000 (SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) equivalent to UGX 2,220,000,000 (TWO BILLION TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY MILLION SHILLINGS).

2. A residential mansion in Buziga valued at USD 800,000 (EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED SATES DOLLARS) equivalent to UGX 2,960,000.000

(Two billion nine hundred and sixty million shillings).

3. Plot 22 Prince Charles Drive KOLOLO at USD 1,800,000 (one million eight hundred thousand United States Dollars) equivalent to UGX 6,660,000,000 (six billion six hundred and sixty million shillings)

4. Acquisition of land, construction and furnishing of country Motel Koboko situated in Koboko Municipality valued at way over UGX 5,000,000,000 (five billion shillings)
Responding to this petition which Anite says is a concoction by the mafia who are against the revival of UTL, she said these corrupt officials are struggling hard to make look like them.

“I have seen another crazy hired “whistleblower” petition doing rounds on social media!

The fidgeting Mafia/Kawunkumi in government is struggling to make me look like them! They have fulfilled their evil plan of allocating me their houses like I informed the country during my last press conference,” she said in a brief statement.

She believes the land titles of properties they are allocating to her could even be in their names.

“Instead the ‘Whistleblower’ should petition the Lands ministry! Using office of IGG to blackmail me won’t stop me from focusing on exposing corruption in UTL and government. Let the IGG investigate me publicly,” she advised.


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