LIST OF Mbarara’s top DETOOTHERS is making the round on WhatsApp.

The list includes some of the top socialites that detooth men. But thankfully, there are benefits.


The art of bonking on the run is still an illusion world over, but men who have passed through the hands of these 100 slayers in the western district town that oozes sex and milk have just one prayer to the gods: allow sex on the run.
How the gods can do that is still a mystery since, in Mbarara, sex has fast turned into a contact sport involving serious financial hormones and the fleshy leg.

Several accounts from ‘victims’ of mass detoothing show that most men who have wanted to happen in the sin city have almost similar stories—meeting wallet dentists who ensure who detooth you painlessly until you seek the mercy of your ancestors.

The list, compiled by our snoops, has 100 wallet nurses and dentists who use anesthesia to extract every monetary formula in your wallet and life.

1. Aisha Mutenga Sure
Her magic wand are the eyes. A veteran of detoothing, she has perfected the art of changing between come-to-bed eyes and such infectious innocence you would think you owe her ancestors.

Aisha’s eyes are said to pierce right into your soul such that with just a glance, she will know whether she is taking you an on all-night drive that leaves you without fuel in not just the ball tank but also your wallet and bank account.
“This girl is bad news. She just looks into your face and reads your credit card details,” one of her victims said. “Then she will mislead you directly by saying she doesn’t like spending people’s money. What she means is that she already owns your money.”

2. Ampire Lisy sure
Lisy is also nicknamed the dragon. She is the goddess of kissing and will stick her tongue deep in your mouth. By the time you catch your breath, you will have realized why your ancestors used barter trade and not cash.
“Flee for dear wallet once Lisy thrusts her tongue in your mouth and uses it to probe every corner therein like a dentist’s gloved fingers checking for abscess in your gums,” a former patron said.
“I hesitated for the thrills of her tongue and then she did the next one, drew my tongue into her mouth. The next thing we were at the ATM and she was the one using my card as I read the

PIN to her.”

3. Anita council
According to the legend, botox surgeons come to Mbarara to take a good look of Anita before returning with an impression of what their butt implant clients should look like. But that is where the good news ends. The bad one starts as soon as you say ‘hi’ to Anita.
A man was once seen pushing his four car tyres home in the morning after a night with Anita, who had taken possession of his log book and keys.

4. Sherry Holic
She is the patron saint of Ice Lounge. Even her own friends and partners fear her. They call Sherry ‘Cowrie’ behind her back because they say she is the reason the cowrie shell was the most common medium of exchange and is still dearly missed by real money handlers.
“People who invented business must have known Sherry would happen so they used cowrie shells to keep things in check,” said a bartender.

Here’s the full list…

5. Ashley
6. Aurleria Ingongo
7. Betty Jr
8. Bint
9. Blessing
10. Brenda
11. Brenda TOy
12. Bridget
13. Carol LIB BSU
14. Carol
15. cathelin OG
16. Cloby slay queen
17. Comby mbarara
18. Comfort
19. Daphine
20. Dian
21. Diash
22. Donah Lopez Lugazi
23. Dornam Padcorn a.k.a Charity
24. Dorah
25. Doreen Gilbo
27. Dphine Pink Clinic
28. Moureen Praise Divine Hospital
29. Edith window
30.Esther MUST
31. Eunice
32. Eva MUST
33. Farida Fat
34. Firra
35. Florence
36. Hadija
37. Hajarah
38. Arinaitwe Hajarah
39. Happy DJ Alex
40. Haurah
41. Huday
42. Iryn Bubu SSENGA
43. Jamila
44. Jazira
45. Joan Katete
46. Jooz
47. Kama Pesh
48. Karlen 0
49. Emily Kikazi
50. Katra 07
51. kirabo mayanja
52. Sharoon Eyakoowa
53. Konfie BSU
54. kyampire
55. Lillian MTI
56. Lillian
57. Lilian BSU
58. Lucia Pro
59. Marion mayanja
60. Mars 0
61. martha BSU
62. Martha Manzi
63. Mc Raechel Owa Skakiz
64. Mercy Must
66. Nash Daline
67. Nash 2
68. Naturinda Aureen
69. Nurse Mercy Shantel
70. Pamela BSU Fresher
71. Pancy
72. Patience BSU
73. puffy MUST
74. queen Oprah
75. Star Sophie
76. Raechel
78. Raechel Desert
79. Ritah wa MC Tony
80. Sarah Vegas
81. Saric
82. Sauba Alishe
83. shallon Rich
84. Shakira
85. Shan Mercie
87. Sharua
88. Shemy Cathy
89. Shantelle Bad
90. Siima Charity
91. Mariam MUST
92. sylivia BsU
93. Tash TATU
94. shanita Rose
95. Tracy BSU.
96. Tracy EV must
97. Trina K thre
98. Vannesa
99. Zandy
100. Plan B


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