Underfire Frank Gashumba coils tail, deletes anti Bobi Wine post

BIG TALKING Frank Gashumba has deleted the infamous Facebook where he said Bobi Wine cannot beat incumbent President Yoweri Museveni in the 2021 presidential elections.

A few weeks ago, People Power activist Bobi declared he would be standing for president and bid farewell to his constituents of Kyadondo East.
In response political analyst Gashumba laid into Bobi’s presidential bid insisting Museveni can’t be defeated through an election.
And since the post, Bobi supporters have laid into Gashumba, abusing him left and right, with some accusing him of being a mole.

As a result he has deleted the missive from his Facebook wall.

Here’s the full post he has now deleted:
“Bobi Wine’s influence is going to produce many MPs in the next election, that isn’t debatable; majorly because people are tired of this sick regime. But trust me, People Power can’t produce Bobi Wine as the next president of Uganda. Here’s why.

President Museveni isn’t in power because of a ballot but simply because of a gun, which was his means of power grab in 1986. And he has managed to keep his grip on power by use of the same means. Take a look

at UPDF; it’s an extension of Museveni. UPDF doesn’t belong to Ugandans but it belongs to Museveni, he uses UPDF in anyway he wants.

Dr. Besigye has successfully defeated Museveni three times but he isn’t in statehouse. And there will be a repeat of this in 2021.

People Power should tell me one trick they are going to use in 2021. UPDF, Uganda Police, Uganda Prison all serve Museveni. Our dear president can jail you in any prison he wants anywhere in Uganda like he did to Besigye so use your NDADAMUNTU to join SACCOs somewhere and get a loan. But if you think Ndagamuntu can unseat Museveni you are dreaming.

Those people you see around Bobi Wine and those who go to his home in Magere are simply milking whatever opportunities they can out of him. And do not be deceived that they love him.
They move with him because they know he is famous and know he is the stepping stone they need to get to where they have to be.
Once he loses out on the 2021 elections, they will even stop answering his phone calls once they have made to Parliament and he’s licking his wounds from his loss.”


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