STATE MINISTER for Privatization and Investment Hon Evelyn Anite has written to the Inspectorate of Government (IG) Irene Mulyagonja acknowledging that she travelled to Mauritius as part of the contingent of students on a three-month senior executive program- Africa run by Harvard Business School and the Harvard Business School and Gordon Institute of Business Science.

In a the letter dated August 19, Ms. Anite responds to claims tabled before the IG by a whistleblower in a petition titled “Influence Peddling, Abuse of Office and Fraud in Regard to Administration of UTL.”

“I have seen various media reports that a whistleblower petitioned your office stating among other frivolous things that I inappropriately travelled to Mauritius last month. First, I am not banned from travelling to any Country in the world. I wonder why this would be of interest to anyone. I am aware, there is a group of people who have been sponsoring blackmail against me since I started demanding audit into Uganda Telecom,” Anite informed the IGG.


On the allegations that Mauritius Telecom bribed her and its officials exerted pressure on her to close the deal with them she responds as, “how can they exert pressure on me in regard to a deal that was awarded to another company Teleology Holdings Limited by Cabinet? Is that logical? Please contact Mauritius Government on whether they have ever met anywhere and extended a bribe! It is true that I opposed the choice of Teleology Holdings Limited. Although Teleology ($70million).”


She says Teleology had no proper record books of accounts, had no money to

invest, no experience in telecom business and it was only Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) created with a sole aim of acquiring shares in Uganda Telecom.

Anite clarifies that her support for Mauritius Telecom was very much based on due diligence of Financial Intelligence Authority that recommended the company as financially solid and backed by the government of Mauritius.

For traveling to Mauritius and using government resources as alleged, Anite responded accepting to have gone to the on August 4 as part of her education program with Harvard business class.


“I travelled to Mauritius from August 4th to 11 2019 as part of a contingent of students on a 3 months Senior Executive program — Africa, run by the Harvard Business School and Gordon Institute of Business Science. The first segment of the program is structured in a way that some class days are spent at the Harvard Campus in Cambridge Massachusetts and other segment of class days were conducted in Mauritius. The second round of the program will be conducted in Cambridge at the Harvard Business School Campus in November later this year.”

Anite mentions eminent Ugandans whom she had on the same course and travelled together.

They include: Mr. Edgar Byamah Managing Director of KCB Bank, Mr. Peter Mungoma Chief Executive Officer, Capital FM), Mr. Sant Mwogeza (Chief Finance Officer, Stanbic Bank) and Mr. Kevin Wingfield, a South African national who heads of Retail and Commercial Banking, Stanbic Bank.


“My classmates can be contacted to attest and affirm to the foregoing,” she further informed the IG.


She presents an air ticket bought by her from KLM as evidence which disputes the narrative that she booked the ticket from France.


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