The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has blamed government for the increased road accidents in Uganda.
In a media briefing held at their offices in Najjanakumbi, deputy party spokesperson John Kikonyogo said most of the accidents were due to the lackadaisical nature of government in line with the transport systems.
This comes a day after over 50 lives were lost in separate accidents in the country.
“We are deeply concerned with the current carnage that is happening on Ugandan Roads. Apparently our roads are now deathtraps. Yesterday alone, we lost over 50 Ugandans in accidents evenly distributed in different Parts of the Country i.e Busembatya where a YY Bus over ran 2 taxis, in Rubirizi inferno where a trailer over ran buildings and caught fire that left many people dead and  in Lwera on Masaka road,” Kikonyogo told journalists.
He added: “Much as there are human errors, most of these accidents are coming as a result of the lackadaisical nature of government in line with the transport systems.
UNRA has now become an expert in shoddy work. Most of the roads are bleeding and this is what causes most of them to be shinny and slippery. 90% of Ugandan tarmac roads are badly done and it is the reason for skidding of vehicles.”
He also noted that most road are putting as a result of over loading,  sighting the example of Seeta – Bweyogerere.
“Even when UNRA claims to have established Weigh bridges along most of the high ways, corruption that is grappling all government institutions has made them to allow excess weight pass the said roads,” he added.
“As a Party, we propose the following to reduce on this scourge of road carnage;
Dual carriage roads, we have in all ways been proposing that all major high ways should be upgraded to dual carriage as it is on the Southern by Pass.
Planning Act should be enforced. This will enable the Country upgrade from the current linear mode where towns are built along major highways and roads to establishment of substantive towns outside major roads. All major highways should be curved outside towns.
All cargo should be removed from roads to railway lines. We are aware government is already sunk in major corruption scandals that has failed the establishment of the standard gauge railway even when sister states like Kenya have already handled Phase one i.e Mombasa-Nairobi and now into phase two that will enable Nairobi-Busia completed.
A ware of the above theft and prior failure by the Ugandan government, we propose tentative re-enforcement of the current Railway line (1meters) gauge to enable all cargo go through rail system as a measure of reducing on heavy loads on our Ugandan poor quality roads.
We shall then later on shift to the standard gauge (1.4 meters) probably after the change of government,” he concluded.

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