YOU PROBABLY have never heard the name Sam Bucyana or Sam Buchanan.




Well, Buchanan (sometimes Buchana or Bucyana or Bukyana) is one of the biggest gold dealers in Uganda. Only that he mainly deals in fake Gold.
Well, his days of conning unsuspecting clients, mainly rich foreigners could be over.
The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) on Friday evening arrested the city ‘businessman’ after they busted a multi million dollar fake gold scheme.



Buchanan was arrested from his home in Muyenga by CMI in an operation on Friday following a number of complaints by foreign businessmen he had allegedly defrauded of huge sums of money while posturing as a gold dealer.

“The moment he takes money from the businessmen, he immediately takes to intimidating them into silence with the help of some individuals,” a source said.



And Xclusive UG can confirm that Buchanan, who travels in a hired private jet whenever flying out for deals, was over the years under the protection of former IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura.
“He has for years eluded arrest due to the fact that he was protected by Uganda’s former Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen Kale Kayihura and more recently by some individuals who by virtue of their status have escorts,” the knowledgeable source added.


Buchanan, we can reveal, has amassed a networth of close to $50 million through his fake gold dealings.
Before his arrest on Friday, Buchanan had conned South Korea nationals $1.3 million and eight ambulance cars.
“Buchanan had demanded for 8 ambulances from the Koreans in exchange for fake gold,” the source revealed.
The ambulances, according to the impeccable source, are parked at a car bond along Gaba Road. The bond is

owned by a one Kanyankole.
The deal to defraud Koreans was intercepted by security before the Koreans made the last batch of payment to Buchanan and his co-accused, a source close to investigations told this news site.


Earlier this year, Buchanan allegedly defrauded Libyans who he is said to have lied to that the late Libyan President, Col Muammar Gaddafi had stashed gold deposits in Ghana.
“Buchanan drove the Libyans to a base in Entebbe and showed them a ‘gold’ consignment which he claimed had been moved from Ghana enroute to another country through Uganda,” the source said.
It turned out the consignment had machinery belonging to another agency, the source added.
The Libyans are said to have lost a lot of money in pursuit of the gold that never was.
Buchanan, who is known as “Chairman” by peers in the same ‘industry’ has been engaged in several philanthropic initiatives donating money to Boxing federations in Uganda. He has donated over Shs500 million in boxing in the last two years.

In 2016, he casually donated $6000 towards the construction of a Genocide museum at Ggolo memorial site in Mpigi district.
It is said that he earned the name Chairman for helping out peers who find themselves in trouble over fake deals.
His arrest is the latest in a series of operations by CMI to crack down on elements engaged in acts that lead to criminality.
“Mr. Buchanan had already disagreed with the co-accused over who actually should take the lead and therefore the biggest share in the fake gold deal with Koreans,” our source revealed, adding that such disagreements may lead to a chain of criminality in the city.
One of his accomplishes, commonly known as Mark Muzungu is also said to be wanted.


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