Cindy Sanyu

Just as we thought dancehall star, Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi had made peace and moved on from their ‘beef’, the former still wants to sting her music rival.

Cindy had before called for truce and advised her fans to stop attacking Sheebah, but it looks like she is going against her own orders.

Appearing on a radio station with Record FM, Cindy says they said all they said and squashed the beef but Sheebah still remains a dummy.

We may earlier not have known the particular reason as to why the CopiCat hit maker referred to them as that, but she explains the term in details.

“She’s still a dummy; as long as you do not write your own

music and you’re being led by people, you’re definitely a DUMMY. You are just a successful dummy. I’m not gonna wake up one morning and change that.”

When asked about big international artists like Beyonce and Rihanna being dummies because they do not write their own music, the unapologetic Cindy said;

“Beyonce writes most of her music but the thing is this particular artist (referring to Sheebah) writes no music at all. You do not write any of your content, you’re absolutely managed from your stage to everything that you do. That’s what I call a dummy.”

“Rihanna doesn’t write any of her music so she is a dummy. You can be a glorified dummy or whatever, but there is no day I’m gonna tell you it’s different. Some of us are original, some of them are just dummies,” Cindy concluded laughing out loud.


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