An interview in which former army commander and now ANT opposition party leader Gen. Mugisha Muntu attributes his impressive  humility to his mom has appeared online.
Muntu arrives with his wife

Muntu arrives with his wife

The humbling interview was first carried by The New Vision. It was conducted by Asuman Bisika in 2005.
And as the political fever hits fever pitch ahead of the 2021 general elections, parts of the interview have been making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter.
In the interview, Muntu attributes his admired humbleness to his mom.
“One of the memorable things from my early childhood is that our mother refused us to wear our shoes at Kitunga Primary School, the village school which we joined when the family returned to the village after father’s resignation from his ministerial job in Mbarara,” it reads.
Muntu adds: “”Our mother only allowed us to wear our shoes on Sunday when going for church. I never understood why she did this.”
Thanks to his mom, Muntu and his siblings including Herbert Nuwagaba Muntu behaved like normal kids. It must be noted that their father was a top government figure and one of President Milton Obote’s close friends.
“Otherwise, at school, we were like the other pupils bare-footed. However, this act alone was later to have a very big impact on my life. I started looking at myself as just one of the others,” Muntu adds.
Muntu went to Mbarara Junior Primary School for P1 and P2. He was at Kitunga Primary School for P3 up to P7. He did his O level at Kitunga High School. He did his A Level at Makerere College School from where he joined Makerere University to pursue a degree in Political Science from 1979 to 1981.
At Makerere University, Muntu participated in student politics. He was the vice president of the student’s guild under the presidency of Werikhe Wotuwa.
Some of his alumni at Makerere are Brig Henry Tumukunde, Lt Gen Aronda Nyakairima, Chebrion Barishaki, The New Vision columnist Opiyo Oloya, Swilikei Kissa, a journalist with UTV and Benon Biraro, Deputy Army Chief of Staff.
Most of his alumni working with the Government preferred to remain anonymous, but agreed that Muntu was a principled student leader.
“He was a honest man. I still remember the time he was in charge of the guild canteen. The canteen would be allocated beer at factory price. But before Muntu took charge, those responsible used to get the beer at factory price and sell it on the open market for a profit; leaving the canteen with very minimal supplies.
During Muntu’s time, the canteen had enough beer and at factory price,” says the alumnus.
The big question is; has Muntu’s character changed over the years? No
The big Military titles, position and Power did not corrupt him.
You will not get surprised to find Muntu driving himself in a small car in Kampala. You will find him lining up in the bank or lining up to pay his parking fees in Kampala at Multiplex points.
This man will arrive at a function or a meeting and if you clap or stand he will ask you not to do so.
Muntu left the army and the FDC party with a clean record! no accountability issues or queries and yet it was during his Presidency when FDC and other political parties started receiving money from Electoral Commission (EC)/government.
What a man!

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