Former Gagamel artist Eighton Sente, better known for his hit single Kiwoko, has explained  the real reason his ex boss Bebe Cool will ‘always attack’ Bobi Wine.
While appearing on a radio show last evening, Eighton revealed that it all goes back to Bebe Cool’s pride.
It started as fierce competition but in a way turned personal, according to the Kiwoko star. However Bobi Wine has long moved, something Bebe Cool has failed.
Eighton said:
“Their rivalry has been on for more than 10 years, but according to my understanding, Bobi Wine moved on, he no longer has time to involve himself in childish issues.
That’s why on most of his interviews, when they ask him any question about Bebe Cool, he ignores it.
But if they ask Bebe Cool any question about Bobi Wine, he just starts abusing…I think what hurts Bebe Cool is that Bobi Wine is now on another level, he is not the Bobi Wine he used to know, very many people love him, many have high hopes in him and he inspires many youths. Bebe Cool failed to move on just like Bobi Wine.”
Eighton and Bebe Cool have a bit of history  having worked together for years, before the latter fired the former.
Eighton famously collaborated with Bebe’s wife Zuena on a song, Mata.

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