In my previous analysis, I interrogated  the Theory of Violence  as espoused by Frantz Fanon, and how the Kyagulanyi gangsters become secondary beneficiaries of violence.
How they themselves end up victims of violence and how they can never be the epitome of the just cause of the dispossessed and occupied masses by the #alnakba.
Foddoh Sonkoh, initially a gangster, later took to politics and founded the Revolutionary United Front  (RUF) rebel outfit in Sierra Leone.
The RUF was able to over run the capital city Free Town but couldn’t form a government.
This rebel outfit was very popular with gangs all over Sierra Leone.
Under Foddoh Sonkoh policy of “pay yourselves” Sonkoh military gang raped, beheaded and ambutated people. The Mosquito, one of Foddoh’s men, took over command after the arrest of Sonkoh and captured the city until the intervention of ECOWAS.
Note that Sierra Leone had a deadly neighbour in Charles Taylor (Liberia) who armed this insurgency.
The operating situation in Uganda is generally identical to Sierra Leone.
We have a neighbour who promises to mess us big time.
We have a heavily militarised Kivus in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a collapsed South Sudan.
We also have a collapsing rural economy.
Let me explain this.
Before the coming in of the NRA Occupation #alnakba,  the rural economy could at least sustain subsistence agriculture.
It had a robust state system epitomised in the Gomborora and Parish chief system under Mayumba kumi system.
The population would do self help projects. ..burungi bwa nsi and youths indulged in drugs and theft of food and livestock would be crushed.
With the collapse of the rural economy, we now have a deadly proliferation of trading centers.
Most young people are not indulged in production, they steal agricultural produce and livestock.
They do drugs,  betting and sex.
It’s hell on earth.
These young people now determine the political discourse.
Unlike the RC system, the local council system has no control over  these youths.
Mr Museveni is giving them military skills and arms under the Local Defence policy.
Kale Kaiyuhara initially mobilised them under the Crime Preventers policy.
These gangsters are the base Kyagulani is constructing into a political movement and obviously the Besigye Kyagulani entente will crystallise them into an armed gang.
Of course there are many gangs proliferating most major urban centers.
These gangs are decimating the Boda Boda industry that employs those willing to work but lacking the alternatives.
The collapse of the Boda Boda industry will aggravate the problem.
We have some semblance of peace now because Museveni still commands and controls the State.
You don’t want to imagine state collapse as was in Rwanda,  Libya and Centra Africa.
The imperial forces will always facilitate the growth of these ganja gangs into armed militias simply because they facilitate their military intervention.
In essence they look on as these gangs wreck havoc only to envoke the principal of the Need to Protect to occupy and plunder.
No wonder that the international criminal syndicate avail the Njayi gangs here  space in the international media.

It is impossible to move Museveni’s system when your champions are drug addicts. A gang of  ganja smokers can never mobilise international energy to uproot an entrenched occupation.


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