A fan has thanked Ugandan musician Lydia Jazmine for remaining ‘true to her colors’ and not bleaching like many successful Ugandan artistes.
MC Wayah, according to his Facebook name, has written a letter to the Ebintu Byange singer praising and thanking her for maintaining her natural beauty.
Fans have accused many other musicians of altering their skin complexion following their successful music careeers.
Fan MC Wayah is happy Jazmine has not followed suit.
Here’s his letter to Jazmine:
“Dear Lydia, hope the weather is treating you well and your in a good condition just like me.
 Am one of your secret top funs that has been following you ever since you started your music career for the reason being you have a sweet natural voice ate onyimbira ebinkolera.
But that’s not the reason as to why am writing this letter to you, the main reason is to thank and give you credit for not following the band wagon effect of Ugandan female and some male musicians who think that after making a hit, the next thing is to bleach (OKWEYELUSA) so as to look more beautiful and handsome. You look so gorgeous in your natural skin color as a true African lady.
Keep it up mwana wa maama and please don’t ever disappoint me one day by falling a victim of bleaching coz ojja kuba obyononye walai #MelaninQueen #TeamNaturalSkinColor !
Yours truly,

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