Star Boss Ibrahim Mayanja, better known as Big Eye, has risked a major social media backlash by advising People Power and Bobi Wine supporters to turn to President Yoweri Museveni if they want to live a good life.
The singer is currently on holiday in London, England for the last one week.
While there,  the Tusasanya singer has visited some of the memorable spots in the European city.
And he hasn’t shied away from sharing photos with his followers and haters on Facebook.
In one post, he writes: “Support President Museveni and enjoy life.”
” I don’t see any problem with supporting Mr. YK Museveni. He has changed the life of Uganda ever since he came to power. “You will remember my words.”
As expected these posts haven’t gone well with some fans who’ve gone bareknuckles on the musician.
He doesn’t seem to care anyway…

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