If you thought Zari Hassan was too old to have more babies, well think again.
The South African based Ugandan socialite is currently planning to have more children with her new husband ‘King Bae’.
She however intends not to have one more, but F.I.V.E.
From her Snapchat channel on Thursday, Zari who is a mother of five said she is still healthy, fertile and would like to have a big family of 10 children.
“It’s a blessing, women looking for children do not have them. Some of us have been gifted to breed like chickens, so why not! I am so old fashioned and traditional, I want 10 babies so my kids can have a huge family, get together and a cook out. Okay maybe 10 is too much. No its not. 10 inshallah,” she said.
Zari, who has hopped from bed to bed has three children with former husband, late Ivan Ssemwanga and Tanzanian singing sensation Diamond Platinumz.

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