B2C arrested for pressing Nisha's boobs

B2C arrested for pressing Nisha’s boobs


Singing trio B2C were briefly arrested at Freedom City on Friday during the highly successful Take Over party hosted by UBC TV’s Calvin Kalule.


The three, alongside their manager Enock, were detained for allegedly attacking and squeezing Dj Slick Stuart & Roja’s manager, Nisha’s breasts.

It is alleged that B2C’s manager Enock and his crew attacked Nisha after she stopped them from entering the premises. Nisha was in charge

of artists and other performers at the event.

Nisha is said to have informed them that only 5 people (the 3 musicians & management) could access the venue but this fell on deaf ears.

A fight erupted and police was at hand to calm the situation by arresting the singers and their manager.

Singer Eddy Kenzo bailed them out later that night.

Nisha with her boys Dj Slickstuart and Roja

Nisha with her boys Dj Slickstuart and Roja



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