Member of Parliament Bobi Wine, real names Robert Kyagulanyi, has commended the Uganda Police for any a well following the arrest of a key suspect in the murder of a boss boss cyclist.
Bobi Wine Applauds Police

Bobi Wine Applauds Police

Through his Facebook page, Bobi Wine appreciated the police officers who arrested John Bosco Mugisha on Tuesday.
“I want to take this opportunity to appreciate the police officers who arrested this man- John Bosco Mugisha, who is being charged with the murder of the late Derrick Mulindwa, a boda boda cyclist, in the most gruesome manner. He has allegedly confessed to having committed the heinous crime,” Bobi wrote.
John Bosco and his partner in crime were caught on camera strangling the deceased, before hitting his head several times with a metal bar.
The video shocked the nation.
He added: “Seeing this man, I can’t help but wonder how cold someone could be to end another’s life in that way. Did they think about his family? Did they ask if he had children and what would happen to them?
Those of us who watched the video of the two heartless thugs killing that innocent man were praying that they are arrested so that they face justice.
Today, we are grateful that this arrest has been made and the citizens will be hoping that the ends of justice are met. The officers who conducted the operation that led to this arrest deserve a pat on the back.
We have always prayed for a pro-citizen police force. A force that does not spend all its energies doing politics, but solving the real issues which affect the common person such as the rampant murders and robberies.
One of the cardinal duties of the Uganda Police Force under Article 212 of our Constitution is to prevent and detect crime.
For the police to effectively do this, its capacity has to be strengthened. Its technological competences have to be elevated.
Inevitably, the welfare of the men and women in uniform has to be improved as one of the ways you solve the problem of criminals colluding with some officers in the commission of crime or in eluding justice. We believe that all these are achievable if we have our priorities right.
In that sense, if the money and energy spent on fighting the opposition was put to fighting crime and protecting the citizens, our country would be a safer place for all of us.
May Derrick’s soul continue to rest in eternal peace.”
Mugisha faces murder and aggravated theft charges, police announced.

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