There’s untold panic at DFcu bank after clients tasked DFcu management to explain ongoing media reports that close to Shs10 billion has been stolen from accounts in the bank.

DFCU Bank headquarters in Kampala

DFCU Bank headquarters in Kampala

Information circulating indicates Police has charged a junior staff at the embattled Dfcu bank for stealing customer’s savings worth close to Shs10 billion.A

While DFCU bank’s top administration continues to feign ignorance on the recent heist, Xclusive UG understands customers are not convinced and want the bank to come clean and explain the media reports.

According to a police bond letter in our possession, one of the suspects is identified as Braise Ombuze who was charged with the offense of Electronic Fraud and Theft under a reference Vide CID HQTRS GEF 604/2019.

Braise had been detained at CID head offices in Kibuli Kampala.

The police bond dated June 29 instructs Mr. Braise to appear at Kibuli on July 1, at 10 am for reporting.
“And continue to attend until otherwise directed by court further to answer to the said charge,” the police bond reads in part.

The suspect was bailed out by two sureties, Ambrose Belisya and a one Esther.

Braise is among six suspects who breached DFCU’s system and accessed customers’ information.

$2.6M depositors’ money has since been


We learnt that the masterminds breached some accounts in Kampala late last month and accessed the cash.

Earlier reports suggested the crime was executed by four junior staff and two outsiders.

While police detectives remain silent about the matter, a secret source told us that the hackers cracked the bank’s system and started using “old unauthorized ATM cards” allegedly belonging to a number of pseudo customers created by these hacker themselves.

In April this year, unknown armed robbers entered dfcu Bank Mbarara Branch and took off with UGX10m from a businessman who had gone to bank it.

The client, Sharif Kakooza, was robbed of his money from the bank in presence of security personnel who are charged with guarding and subjecting whoever enters the bank to a thorough search before that person accesses the bank.

Kakooza, who deals in Bajaj boxers in Mbarara Town, narrated that unknown person found him in the bank after he had filled the deposit slip, put a pistol on his neck before they moved him out into a waiting car and drove him away.

All these security glitches have caused worry among the bank customers who are now demanding for answers.

This came about after a female employee was raped by robbers.

Meanwhile, the bank’s foreign partners are extremely angry and want to know how this sensitive information leaked to the media.

“It’s nolonger DFcu with pleasure, everything is a mess,” a source said.

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