Er, new kid on the block Fresh Daddy has accused seasoned events host MC KATS of jealous.


Let’s rewind a little… On Thursday at Kololo based Wave Lounge, Kats stopped the night’s deejays from playing Fresh Daddy’s hit, Mazike.

Kats is the host of the night and has a big say on the music played on the night.

Since this small standoff, Kats has publicly said he will never allow Fresh Daddy’s music to play anywhere as long as he is in charge.
He says, people like Fresh Daddy want to kill the music industry.

This has not gone

well with Fresh Daddy who has intact shot back calling Kats all sorts of names.

Here is his missive: “Look at you Kats
Who are you judge me mbu am going to destroy music industry are you a musician?

This is silly toy boy. Sheebah was right, jealous people everywhere. Mc Kats your in that category.

You and your buddies use my son Fresh Kid UG on your event in Jinja at Kakindu Stadium and never paid him.

Mzee Katz your looking for popularity and call girl/ ladies (Ashawo).
Am just enjoying my life and looking for #Mazike
Toy boy leave my life, let me enjoy
Mc Kats you’re nothing……find your level. I’m out of your league.”


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