Businessman Bobkins Kibirige has finally lifted the lead on why he stopped organizing music concerts.



During his time, promoter Bobkins under his Kibo Media had made a name and definitely lots of dime through organizing album launches for various musicians.

He was known for organizing stars Moze Radio (RIP) and Weasel’s ever successful concerts at Hotel Africana People’s Space.

Five years ago, Bobkins alongside Balaam Barugahara were the biggest bivulu promoters.

Fast forward, Bobkins nolonger stages music concerts, choosing staging the Uganda Cranes games and corporate indoor events.

Speaking to Xclusive UG, Bobkins revealed the music industry has financially died.

“There’s no longer money in the music industry. It’s a dead end. If you invest in a music concert, don’t expect to reap anything,”Bobkins told us.


acknowledges that the industry is growing in terms of art. However annual music album launches are fading away.

He adds: “Yes, we have better music generally but this music is scattered among so many music artistes. One musician will out a hit and then disappear. He will reap from daily small performances.

Such an artiste cannot hold a music launch. He doesn’t have enough work. Therefore investors can no longer throw in top money.”
He adds that huge music concerts can only survive if artistes agree to battles. “This ongoing Cindy, Sheebah standoff is actually good for the industry.

It could work but its also still risky,” he adds. He also believes musicians taking the political road is bad for the industry.

Finally Bobkins also told us that corporate companies had reduced on their investments on music concerts.

“All these have in way financially killed the industry,”he concluded.


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