By now, we almost already know who the queen of Uganda’s dancehall music is. As the battle between Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi deepens, fans have taken center stage in deciding who makes the cut especially with the release of ‘Kimansulo’



At around midday on Sunday, Team No Sleep singer Sheebah Karungi dropped a brand new song titled ‘Kimansulo’ which, in her own words, was bound to become a sure hit.

Apart from the song receiving immediate buzz from fellow diva Vinka, most of the comments and reactions on her social media post about the song were too negative.

Within a minute of listening, I personally didn’t wish to go forth with the song. The lyrics didn’t really make the cut for me, the beats were sickening, and not even herself would contain

her voice to the end.

She keeps breaking and flatting at several stages of the song and I know this because I went on to listen to the whole song because I needed to come up with a review.

They say Sheebah’s manager Jeff Kiwa has a critical ear for good music and we would like to believe that ‘Kimansulo’ was released while he was asleep or tightly tied on a tree trunk somewhere.

Cindy on stage

Cindy on stage

On the other side of the coin was Cindy Sanyu who made a meal of the entire situation, having listened to what her immediate rival had just released – supposedly.

She ran to her social media and reminded her fans and critics about how her new song ‘Copi Cat’ had hit over 21k views within one week.


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