She has steadily climbed the social ladder due to her job as a host on BBS Television and her appearance in a few Uganda movies.



But presenter Dianah Nabatanzi isn’t gaining many fans because of her fashion style, particularly her hair.

Fans have taken to Facebook to ridicule and mock the Kili Kitya program host on Facebook describing her hairstyle as fake.

One fan wrote that her hair resembles that of fruit sellers in lowly Nakasero Market in Kampala.

One fan

wrote: “Diana musanzeyo ku instagramu , stalked her profile. She’s a beautiful woman or gal. naye yalemelamu enviri zabazinyi ba karaoke.

Her hair looks are sooo disturbing, zona zilekana Gazaland , she looks sooooo Masaka

Let me log out before u call me a hater naye dala ezo enviri azilekele abakazi abatunda fulutusi e Nakasero.”


And many seem to agree as comments showed.

Another one wrote: “I thought I was the only one who had noticed this. She is beautiful but for the hair styles she needs to take this advice seriously.

She might be a loved TV personality, but not many love her hairstyles.


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