Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), a new political organization has been launched today, Wednesday with a focus on recruiting Ugandans with good track record who however, fear to join politics because of how it is referred to as a “dirty game”.

Muntu at the launch

Muntu at the launch

Retired army commander, Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu who heads this new establishment said at Serena that majority of Ugandans who are good people and have integrity can’t engage in the current politics because of the toxic environment which has been created by several actors both in government and opposition.


Muntu while presenting a paper at the launch urged political actors to be patient and stop spreading hatred among the citizens with toxic politics.


“Most times, we criticize the current regime over many things that are physical but to me, the worst form of damage is when you crash the spirits of the people. That is what we must change in this country,” Muntu said.


In that sense, Ugandans have developed fear instead of building confidence.


“ANT will be a party that delivers what it has promised. We are not

asking Ugandans to do the impossible, we want Ugandans to realize that when working together, even the most difficult problems can be overcome.”


He expressed willingness to collaborate with other oppositions: “We recognize that real change starts with unity, unity is the only war worth fighting. It’s the foundation of any great institution and country.


Our nation’s problems have always come from settling for less than more. It’s time for us to do more than endure, we must do more than just survive, we must do more as a nation and to do that we must come together without fear.”


Known for his moving rhetoric, Muntu displayed optimism that his party can lead Uganda.


“Uganda is the most entrepreneurial country in the world, and although most of our people’s businesses do not live beyond their first year, it means that with the right skills, we can be a nation of industry and technological advancement,” he said.


In September last year, Mugisha Muntu announced he was leaving FDC a party he served diligently until he realized there were irreconcilable differences in approach.


The former NRA historical is a known calm political players who believes in building structures. His method however, faced hostility while he served as FDC president for 5 years.


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