A clip of a jovial SK Mbuga was leaked by a family member yesterday. In the clip, the socialite who has been incarcerated for over year in Dubai, Denmark and Sweden looked strong and happy.

The socialite was trying to jog with his legs to ensure that he had recovered fully from the 2017 bike accident that left him nursing two compound fractures.

SK Mbuga

SK Mbuga

SK Mbuga’s fans, friends and family have since gotten a sigh of relief on learning that he is actually doing good in spite of being incarcerated for that long.

The clip was meant for family members to let them know that much as he was not with them, he is very well.

Before his arrest, Mbuga was constructing a hospital, he had also just imported into the country 4 brand new ambulances.

In other

related news, all indications seem to suggest that SK Mbuga will be coming back home very soon following several months of battling with fraud related cases abroad.

Following the video clips shared by his wife, SK was clad in sporty wear smiling and jogging around saying; “They will be happy.”

comments on instagram

comments on Instagram


Vivienne has not been posting on Instagram for a while  as she was equally in Luzira over similar charges, but she has resumed posting and the SK Mbuga jovial clips were the first postings she made.

“I was raised to level up,” Vivienne added.

It is now left to be seen when the socialite can be back home, some sources claim in two weeks’ time, but for now though, we will just wait to see if he has sorted his problems out.


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