Word reaching our gossip desk has it that Andrew Kyamagero put everyone in the ew when he opted for a civil marriage with his long time bonk-mate, Ndagire Linda.




if we are to go by the events happening around this dude, looks like there is more he has gotten up his sleeve as far as doing things his on way.
His reception is confirmed to be on tomorrow Saturday, though this website has not gotten an ear to where

the reception which is by the way going to be of close friends and family is going to be held.

The Ntv news anchor and later top manager at Balaam’s new radio – radio4, wedded on wednesday and later held his kasiki at wave lounge later in the evening.

What surprised everyone apart from opting for a civil wedding are the events surrounding the wedding anf how he chose to do it.

From driving straight from his new job to the wedding ceremony in a branded car to holding a kasiki after the wedding itself.

Talk of sticking to his true name – Kyamagero

Lets watch the space.


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