The rumor has always been that musicians Ray Signature and Irene Ntale are an item.
Ntale-Ray Selfie

Ntale-Ray Selfie

The two have always appeared out together.
However they have always insisted theirs is a normal buddy relationship. In fact brother/sister relationship, they have always told all and sundry.
But it will take some convincing for anyone to believe them. Their new collaboration song even makes their case much more complicated.
The two stars poured their hearts out for each other in a new song titled Pen and Paper.

In one of the verses, Ray pours out all his love for Ntale admitting how he thinks about her all day and night.

They concur that they are inseparable like a pen and paper.
And ever since its release love experts concur that this is not just a song but it was a way to let the world know.
We agree!

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