UGANDAN TYCOON Charles Mbiire daughter’s marriage has collapsed, reports suggest.

Nadia Mbiire’s three year marriage to Yasser Matovu, the son to businessman Yusuf Matovu of Youma Builders has developed major cracks, and there is genuine belief there is no chance of reconciliation.

Tycoon Charles Mbire with daughter Nadia Mbire and groom Yassah Matovu Wedding

Charles Mbiire with daughter, Nadia, and husband Yasser Matovu on their wedding

The couple, blessed with a child, tied the knot in June 2016. Even then there was wide belief the two wouldn’t last together, thanks to the fellas playboy lifestyle, and Nadia’s slaying tendencies.

And now our moles inside the family reveal that Nadia is furious with Yasser’s continued cheating ways.

Hunky Yasser is said to be extremely close to a bummy girl only identified as Mercy. We are told Mercy and Yasser are almost inseparable, and always meet in a top Kampala casino for fun.

And this info reached Nadia, completely irking her. She’s bitter and has threatened to end the short-lived marriage.

“Nadia can’t believe Yasser still cheats on her. She’s given him everything including great sex but he still strays. She is bitter. Very bitter,” a family source told us.

Another source further tells us that the Nadia has even already informed her dad, Charles, she’s fed up. Charles contacted Yasser’s dad, Yusuf to resolve the impasse between their children.


we are told, insists, even telling his Papa that he was forced to marry Nadia in the first place.

Playboy Yasser left a trail of broken hearts he married Nadia in 2016.

Amongst his legion of lovers was city socialite Gloria Katambainrungu, a renowned city party animal.

Gloria wants to fail the wedding

Gloria wants to fail the wedding

It is said when he dumped her to hook Nadia, she didn’t welcome the news at all. She fumed bitterly after learning of their wedding plans and vowed to do everything in her might to crush their marriage.

One of the ploys she undertook was setting up a girl identified as Brenda Uwase, to seduce Yasser and derail him from the wedding, on top of inducing him to dump Nadia.

Gloria’s mission failed then.

Brenda Uwase is also said to have dated Yasser

Brenda Uwase is also said to have dated Yasser

However, this caused a brief rift between Yasser and Nadia, although they managed to reconcile after both families talked to them, and advised them about making the right choices. The two (Nadia and Yasser) wedded, but now with a one Mercy in the picture, a break up is imminent.

Watch this space!


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