All may not be good as noted by viewers of the entertainment and celebrity gossip show the UNCUT between TV hosts Annatalia Oze and Zahara Totto.

Annatalia and Zahara Toto co host the show Uncut

Annatalia and Zahara Toto co host the show Uncut

All social media especially their facebook accounts are filled with complaints of how Zahara Totto is making it difficult for her co-host.

Zahara Totto says whatever mood change the viewers are noticing is after she decided to keep her voice low.

“But don’t come to the show when you’re angry coz you can’t conceal it?” One commented.
“Who said am hiding anything? I thought you were the same people that say I am loud, I have toned down and you still don’t like it”

This is coming, days after Annatalia Oze through her organization, Women4Her, that aims at empowering women launched a campaign dubbed; #365SavingChallenge in

partnership with Centenary Bank, Zahara Totto was conspicuously missing.

In the 365 Savings Campaign, Centenary Bank has pumped in Shs 50Million in a promotion that targets over 25,000 young girls in 50 secondary schools.

The young girls will open up bank accounts and also be trained on how they can be financially empowered when they come out of school.

The launch was on Friday and the mood swings between these two could not be missed on Monday and by Tuesday, Zahara was simply telling off whoever tried to inquire about the sudden mood change.

In Zahara’s last post, she warns it’s going to be a tough week for you all hating.

“The beauty of a woman can take her to a Palace but her character will determine how long she stays in the palace. Beauty attracts men, but character keep them,” Annatalia Oze notes in her “copied” message.

So many comments came up and kept the social media accounts of the two buzzing but we are yet to find out if all will be settled.


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