All social media platforms have been awash with revellers hitting back at Pia Pounds for displaying her torn Underwear.

Pia Pounds

Pia Pounds

Reports reaching Xclusive Gossip desk have it that the singer suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing at Freedom City last week, a thing that didnt go well with most of the fans that attended.

It is further reported that clad in a green top and white shorts that were later found to have a big hole underneath, the singer jumped on stage.

However, the up coming singer has come out to say that she is sorry though the vast majority of the fans think it

was a deliberate attempt.

“By the way, I was recently on stage dancing when my shorts gave way people made fun of me, but I apologize for my torn shorts.” she said

It’s not the first time Pia Pounds is caught up in similar situations. During the Gravity Omutujju’s Embuzi Zakutudde Concert, the Delicious star flashed revelers with what the old called wrinkled privates.

The fans, mostly women, have advised her to keep it decent reminding her of stars like Juliana, who have made it minus showing off too much flesh.

Asked if she was involved with anyone romantically.

She said she is currently not seeing anyone and er.. well we now know the reason as to why.

Pia was last year rumored to be dating Kenzo, a thing she deputes.


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