The Deejays under their association have started an online campaign under the hastag mute Gravity omutujju music.

This follows an exchange of words that the ‘Mbuzzi’ singer had with deejay Ciza last friday night at Kyambogo university.


Word reaching our Gossip desk has it that Gravity Omutujju wanted to perform earlier and leave for another show, a thing that didnt go well with Ciza – saying he never wanted to be rushed.
The two exchange words after deejay Ciza claimed he didn’t have Gravity Omutujju’s music on his hardrive. It is also alleged

he told the singer that his laptop didn’t have a USB port where to insert a flash drive that had his music.
Furious Gravity was heard saying, ”If I land on deejay Ciza, I will teach him a lesson. He is lucky I didn’t have time. Some deejays are just useless”.

This has rubbed all the Deejays the wrong way who under their Association have decided not to play any of his songs under the Hush tag #MuteGravity


The # Tag Being circulated


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