His jam Ebango has become an anthem in hangouts all over the country.

Derrick 'Rickman' Ddungu

Derrick ‘Rickman’ Ddungu

“Maaamaaaaa,” just that phrase and revelers will go crazy.
Rickman’s Ebango Baliwanika song is currently the hottest song on the local scene.
Even Diamond Platinumz Tetema or John Blaq’s Obubadi don’t compare.

Rickman’s Ebango is simply incomparable, and it’s easy to hear why.
The song is simple and easy to the ear.

But very few actually understand what the song is actually about. Speaking to Xclusive UG, Rickman also known as Manrick explained the meaning of the hit single.

“It all goes back to the ghetto where it all began. The song is about

every ghetto youth, uptown youth and everyone in the world.
In the world, we all set standards, you raise the bar and work towards hitting the set standards. Now once you do that, you are dope. You have raised the bar. That’s what the song is about,” the singer explains.

The singer further revealed that he would be coming to Uganda during the Easter weekend when he gets a break.

For starters, Rickman real name Derrick Ddungu is a professional footballer based in Sweden. He plays as a forward in the Sweden second division tier with Savedalens IF Football Club.

“I will get a break via the Easter season, and I hope to come back home and perform for my fans,” he added.

The singer thanked Ugandans for the overwhelming support his young music career has received so far.


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