Looks like troubled gospel singer Fiona Wamala has realized loneliness is another stress factor that she has been forced to reconcile with her once estranged toyboy Julius sekawunde.

Fiona Wamala

Fiona Wamala

Sources say that Wamala and Sekawunde bitterly split just two years after their wedding.

Sources reveal that in 2015 Fiona hooked up the young fellow and the two exchanged vows on July 19th, 2015 at Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral.

They later hosted their guests to a sumptuous dinner at Fairway Hotel.  But in 2017 Fiona’s marriage with Sekawunde hit a snag and the two have not been on

talking terms. However, latest indicate that the two reconciled a few months ago and they are living back together under one roof as husband and wife. Fiona Wamala is daughter of late legendary musician Elly Wamala.

Previously she was married  to UK based Pastor Geoffrey Mukasa, who recently moved hooked  a new lover by the name of Jessica Kibuuka, and the two got married officially. Fiona is said to have opened a child custody battle with the couple and they were forced to surrender her children.   Fiona broke up with Mukasa, a Pastor in London, over irreconcilable marital woes some time back.  It is alleged that the couple broke up after Fiona accused Mukasa of allegedly cheating on her several times.


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