There are genuine fears among pals that MC Kats could drink to death following baby momma Fille Mutoni’s public rejection.

Mc Kats

Mc Kats

Ever since Fille dumped him, Kats has suffered several bouts of mental breakdown, with Valentine’s self act of public humiliation the latest.

While Fille entertained revellers with her love ballads, obsessed MC Kats jumped onto the stage, and grabbed the microphone from Fille, forcing her to end her performance.

Then Kats started verbal attacks on Fille who he accused of being ungrateful even claiming Fille was a star because of him, and he had power to take fame away her fame.

Fille just looked on and watched as Kats took all credits of making her a star. She was later escorted off the stage to prevent further encounters.

Following the

embarrassing act, one of Kats’ top pal, TV host Douglas Lwanga told Fille she had created the monster in Kats, and that she was the only one capable of taming it.

Xclusive UG understands that this is just what the public knows. Behind closed doors and away from the public eye, Kats has resorted to heavy drinking, and some of his pals are genuinely worried.

“MC Kats has always been a man of his drink. A Club beer is part of his life. But it’s become too much lately ever since Fille dumped him. We are genuinely worried, he could drink to death,” one pal told us.

Another pal added that Kats must seek professional help.

The pal said: “He (Kats) can nolonger manage this. His head is well messed. He needs serious counseling. He is getting worse each passing day. It gets worse when he drinks alcohol. And he drinks everyday.”

Watch this space!


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