Vocal Kyadondo East legislator Hon Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has received a whopping 28.3 million euros (approximately Shs117 billion) to fight President Yoweri Museveni.

Bobi, Xclusive UG understands, recently received the mega financial backing from Museveni’s ‘international enemies’ while in the United States.

Bobi Wine With His Lawyer

Bobi Wine With His Lawyer



Bobi’s funders are said to have business scores to settle against Museveni. It was suggested earlier this week by Uganda’s Red Pepper newspaper that these funders are targeting Uganda’s lucrative oil business.
This website can confidently reveal that international lawyer Robert Amsterdam has been instrumental in Bobi’s fortunes with the funders.

Now Bobi has been tasked by his funders to take on Museveni in full gear.
It’s no wonder that while appearing on CNN, and American news outlet last week, Bobi declared his intention to stand for president in the 2021 general elections.

His (Bobi) CNN appearance- where he declared his intentions- was well orchestrated by his funders through lawyer Amsterdam.

This was described as ‘The next step’ in building brand Bobi into the face of the struggle against Museveni.

According to our sources, Bobi is seen by the funders as Dr. Kizza Besigye’s replacement at the apex of opposition politics in Uganda.

“Yeah, he is the new Messiah. Besigye is past it, Bobi

is the one. He’s got age on his side. He resonates perfectly with majority Ugandans,’ a source told us.
Equipped with money and having declared his intentions, Bobi must now convince Ugandans that he is the right person to take on Museveni.

The funders will be following closely, Bobi was told.

Though he returned quietly following the US trip, Bobi is expected to embark on a shrewd campaign to further sell himself to the masses.
This will include various projects including trips across the country where he will attempt to create People Power teams at district level.

He will as well set up offices in all major towns in the various regions.
His wife Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi is expected to play a huge role in this.

However scattered claims show a few members of People Power movement are not comfortable with this.

“Barbra is frugal, and this program needs lots of money. Besides this is already looking like a family affair,” our source told us.
Bobi will also embark on a mission to discredit Museveni by exposing ‘givernement failures.’

Photos of potholes, hospitals in poor condition and everything filthy about Uganda will be a major presence online.

This will help convince the funders the job to crash Museveni is in motion.

Bobi has also been tasked with identifying the best opposition individuals and groups to partner with.
More funding will depend on how implements a six month plan he’s been given.


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