Jailed Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga’s property has been put on sale with hopes of him getting out of jail diminishing.

SK Mbuga's Motorcade

SK Mbuga’s Motorcade

Mbuga is jailed in a Dubai prison and was expected to be released last year but in vain.

Now with hopes of him getting freedom dwindling, we are told some of his prime acquisitions have been put on the market.

We have learnt that his wife Angela Birungi is reportedly selling off some properties that were owned by the embattled businessman in Buziga.

A source revealed to us that Birungi has since sold most

of the posh cars that were left parked at the businessman’s mansion in Buziga-Konge.

A source revealed that Birungi has also sold off two houses and an apartment in Munyonyo which they had bought together.

Meanwhile, what is also confusing is that one of Mbuga’s brothers only identified as Meddie is also selling some items and rumour is that the hospital Mbuga was building in Kansanga could be next on the market.

Mbuga's Unfinished Building

Mbuga’s Unfinished Building

Meanwhile, what is very disturbing is that Birungi is secretly close to another dude whom she is staying with in areas of Munyonyo.


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